EPC inspection?

What does an EPC inspection involve? Your EPC will be completed by our fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA), Paul Edwards.

What does an EPC Inspection involve?

If you are in need of an EPC in the West London area, make an appointment with us at a time convenient for you and our fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessor – Paul Edwards will personally visit your property to gather the necessary data for your Energy Performance Certificate.

For most properties the survey will take no longer than 30-40 minutes.

Paul will need access to each room, the heating system and the loft space, should you have one (we will
supply a ladder for access). At the time of the inspection Paul will take an email address from you so a
draft copy of the certificate can be returned to you the same evening.

Certificates can be returned the same day.

Along with a draft copy of the certificate, Paul will return an invoice which will have details on how
payment can be made including online bank transfer. When you are satisfied with the report and
payment is received, we will lodge the certificate on the government database and send a copy to you.

The data I record will include but may not be limited to;

• The property’s age
• The construction details
• The insulation of the walls e.g. Cavity fill
• The insulation of the floors
• The loft insulation
• The space heating and their controls
• The water heating
• Extensions, conservatories or loft rooms where applicable
• The glazing type
• The presence of Low energy light-bulbs
• The electricity meter
• Presence of renewable technologies e.g. solar panels
• Any other points of interest

Should you have any information or documentation relating to the above, please volunteer it at
the time of inspection. Photographs will also be taken to provide supporting evidence for the data
collected on site. We will not inspect appliances e.g. washing machines, and will only account for low
energy light-bulbs in permanent fixed fittings i.e. not those in lamps.

Kind Regards

Paul Edwards